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Portrait machine nozzle does not ink out how to do photo machine common faults and treatment methods?

During normal use, each ink line is air. The ink supply system uses siphon principle, even for the print cartridge has a small air always exist, this is to lead to the phenomenon of gravity ink. If you see some small air in the ink line, don’t worry, this is normal. The air layer on the cartridge with the change of indoor temperature and expansion and contraction in the printer without condition, such as inking pipeline check print cartridge interface on the air is not more than 15 cm, which is caused by the expansion of air. However, if the whole section appears, the air may be leaking from the cartridge or caused by the sealing of the elbow joint or the fracture of the elbow. If it is a whole section of the inking pipeline air, please check the seal ink elbow and the print cartridge at the interface. The elbow can be removed, checked and reinstalled. If each ink line is full of air, check that the ink box is leaking or changing the cartridge.
Method for handling plug head of photo machine
When the machine head portrait machine inkjet ink, resulting in lack of color picture content, usually called “nozzle blockage”, especially for the angels game machine is the main factor affecting the picture quality and yield. A discussion of the causes of nozzle clogging helps to better understand the machine and improve the quality of the picture.
The principle of photo machine nozzle quite like our daily used bicycle inflator, up and down movement of the pump iron is the soul parts we head – piezoelectric crystal, when you find the pump outlet when not playing, nothing more than two reasons: gas road or pump does not work hard.
Of course, the nozzle is much more complicated than the pump, so the reasons for “blocking” are various:
1, the ink accumulated in the photo machine nozzle to a certain extent on the outside will plug nozzle blockage: is the most common way, because the ink solvent to evaporate into the air to make the picture becomes dry, so the ink is a volatile liquid in the air and clear out volatile solids. The spray hole in the cloth to the painting, part of residual ink always around this part of the ink in the air dried slowly will make holes smaller or even blocked the orifice, but because it is outside the hole, easy to clean, this is the reason why we often clean the nozzle.
2, piezoelectric crystal damage: sure nozzle spray ink, general piezoelectric nozzle can use a year or so, in the printing workload many factories may also use less than a year is normal.
3, the fatigue damage phenomenon is: piezoelectric photo machine nozzle, sometimes sometimes spray out of ink, ink, especially in the large amount of ink jet (i.e. spray dark picture) “jam” phenomenon is obvious, the best method is to replace a new nozzle.
4, nozzle filter blockage caused by nozzle out ink: nozzle used for a long time, especially in the printing task is not full stop at night often factory, the ink flow in the nozzle in a long time, easy adsorption filter or ink path in the interior of the wall, so that the ink flow cross-sectional area becomes small also will not the ink phenomenon caused by the nozzle.
Too high or too low 5, the viscosity of ink: Ink viscosity is too high so that the liquidity of ink, the ink volume per unit time of spray nozzle is not enough; the ink viscosity is too low, it is too thin, easy to inhale the air spraying hole of the medium voltage transistor pumpback, not suck ink, and blown out is the air; both will cause a phenomenon of ink nozzle. This often requires the customer is very important for the ink environment before use should be placed on the use of ink ink under the environment of more than 24 hours as well, because the ink placed at low temperature viscosity is very high, and the high temperature viscosity will become very low, the viscosity difference is very big, once the viscosity difference of ink mixed together when in use, it will cause the ink spray out phenomenon
6, drive circuit fault: drive circuit of electronic device aging and accumulation of too much dry ink dirt, may affect the drive nozzle voltage, resulting in nozzle ink or ink out of instability.
Type 7, some manufacturers of ink: ink quantity control due to improper desiccant, drying too fast, easy to cause the ink in the external plug, although can be cleaned, but cleaning intervals frequently, once the long time does not use the nozzle without timely protection of sprinklers, damaged in the next time when the painting is likely to cause permanent sprinkler the.
8, frequent replacement of ink: the replacement of ink, in many cases may not protect the nozzle, but also affect the nozzle inkjet status.
9, the use of the machine environment temperature and humidity: generally recommended temperature of 22~25 degrees, humidity 40~70%, high and low temperatures affect the viscosity of the ink, will produce ink jet nozzle phenomenon, often mistaken for “nozzle plug.””.
10, nozzle drive voltage: the appropriate nozzle voltage will make the nozzle inkjet more smooth.
Thickening of ink

Banner machines, good price scroll machine should have what conditions?

Banner machine
Automatic banner machine prices are not expensive, and generally have been lowered in the past two years. It is the lowest machine in the production of scroll costs, and is basically dual purpose. It can either write banners or lettering. A good banner machine should be referenced from the following aspects:
1, scroll machine fuselage is best metal shell, so strong and durable. Some manufacturers in order to save costs, in the fuselage of this economy, using plastic materials, although the function does not have an impact, but the whole device does not seem to be atmospheric enough, and very light!
2, good drying system: drying system is good, you can high-speed production. (such as drying system is not good, has not dried, written out banners slide down, easy to flow ink, the entire scroll on the waste, reducing waste)
3, the output port is best to support the serial port, USB port. (easy to use full automatic banner machine, fully offline, no computer on-line)
4, scroll machine motherboard is best independent research and development of dual core CPU, do not COPY engraving machine motherboard, many motherboards are not patch technology, instability.
5 、 double knife balance design at both ends, with high writing accuracy.
6, write banners at least 30 meters / hour.
7, banners machine dealer services. (although the equipment is very stable at present, it is necessary to provide after-sales support, such as after sale phone support.)
In short, the choice of automatic banner machine, the primary consideration is stability and cost performance.
Scroll machine development stage
1., the artificial stage: the most primitive, first manually write on paper, and then affixed to the cloth
2. use the engraving machine stage: first use the engraving machine to empty the paper on the paper, then fix it on the scroll cloth to brush the paint. This method is better than the former one, but it still needs a lot of manpower and field
3. heat transfer scroll machine: This machine is used together with the transfer paper carved and then fixed on the fabric by heat transfer roller scroll machine in cloth with engraving machine engraving machine. In this way, to a certain extent, reduce the labor productivity but still need more than two people to produce and the power consumption is amazing!
4. automatic banner machine by means of written directly in writing on the cloth by the computer directly to the output as long as you in the computer you want to line up the contents of the output and output by the software can really do automatically without special personnel in charge of high-speed models for an hour can produce 50 meters banner. Low cost save the human resources and time.
5, the latest is the laser ribbon banner machine, but for now, laser ribbon banner machine costs high, high prices, technology is being developed and updated, so the market share is not high. However, it will be a direction of market competition in the future!

Ribbon, banner machine, Center printing ribbon, banner machine, fault solution

[scroll machine] ribbons, banners, machines do not center, print ribbon, scroll machine, the use of fault solutions
Ribbon scroll machine using troubleshooting
Ribbon scroll machine using troubleshooting
First, the scroll machine itself hardware and software parts
1. scroll machine printing intermittent pause phenomenon
The ground line problem, the two ground wires of A and A+ models should be grounded separately and connected to the conductor about one meter to the ground (not connected to the sewer pipe or other electric body), otherwise it will damage the print head and the main board
2. banner machine pump does not pump water
Machine type A (A+ boot that need to set the temperature control panel pumping), the setting temperature, the pump can automatically flush, panel display red value machine print head measurement value is below the set value, using the “” symbol set, generally set up 15 to 20
3. scroll machine printing process saves ribbon
There is an auxiliary line in the Thai layout (click Check and check if the auxiliary line is hidden)
The gap between the words should be about 10 centimeters. Remove the ribbon and check whether the plastic axis of the ribbon has slipped off
4. scroll machine print banner garbled, typo
Within the print attribute box, the banner is selected to be vertical. Before clicking on the data processing print, the printer icon on the lower right side of the computer has not disappeared. The file or computer has a virus
5. scroll machine print banners, ribbons and cloth stick together
The ribbon is loaded incorrectly. The ribbon comes out of the print head and rolls directly onto the ribbon shaft
Setting the temperature inside the printing page too high
6. scroll machine out fuzzy unclear
If the whole is not clear, fuzzy point, high heating time
Problems of cloth and ribbon
If the part is not clear (not at all), the position of the print head needs to be adjusted to check whether there is any foreign object under the print head
If there is no whole word, check whether the cable is loose behind the print head and the cable of the main machine board
7. print head adjustment
First, each side of the print head has a six angle screw in No. 6. After releasing it, adjust the print head to the right height (for the height that the cotton ball can clean) and tighten the bolt
8. print banners are not centered
The ribbon is placed in the center of the cloth. After the installation, the text, text and text are arranged and moved down 60MM (about Y=-60)
9. print out the border
Text not filled with color
Two. Matters needing attention in operation
No data cable can be inserted at boot time.
II. The voltage regulator that needs to be installed 4-5KW.
Use 95% alcohol to clean the print head. It can be used after drying,
When using, pay attention to observe the printing head of the machine, whether the water pipe is connected with the water leakage, whether there is sundries or not, and enter the print head and the rubber roller part,
Machine continuous working time more than two hours, need to stop for 10-30 minutes.
6. Keep the machine working table of health,
7. Computer networking, not before must be inserted U disk antivirus.
The lubricating oil regularly wipe,
Three: Ribbon related failure
1, if the ribbon printing has a large area of straight strip residual, and at the same time with the printing process, the corresponding strip becomes wider, printed ribbons appear wrinkled.
Causes and solutions: the banner printer head with water cooling means for cooling, with more and more hot weather, water circulation in the tank more than 25 DEG C, causing the print head cooling is not timely, the print head overheating, so the ribbon color on the stick in the cloth after anti sticking film (sometimes back to back it will appear as color ribbon through to the back of the cloth). At this point, you can add ice or ice water in the tank, so that the actual temperature of the print head (that is, the temperature of red display) is maintained at 20-25 degrees centigrade.
2, when the ribbon is not left a long time, there will be ribbons broken frequently, uneven coloring.
The reason: because the ribbon unwinding adopts constant torque unwinding (refers to the ribbon bar installed on the front of the reverse tension, receiving ribbon rod drives the forward rotation of the ribbon transmission mode), when the ribbon volume decreases will lead to increased resistance to the ribbon ribbon, stay too long in the process of printing, the print head overheating, so the color is not uniform,
Solution: when will the ribbon ribbon itself under stress resistance exceeds critical point of frequent fracture phenomenon, the ribbon volume under the condition of small artificial will be loaded bar to the direction of rotation of the ribbon ribbon ribbon to reduce resistance (rotation when forced to moderate, not only to reduce the resistance and to ensure the ribbon ribbon tension and if we can not guarantee the tension of the ribbon, ribbon is will have wrinkles).
Four, no output, no printing
Generally due to the following 8 reasons.
1, check whether the computer shows “timeout” cause:
(1) the EPP port is not set properly,
(2) print head, line, insert, reverse or error position,
(3) the computer mainboard is not compatible,
(4) the 5V power supply is abnormal,
2, check whether the computer shows the cause of the suspension:
(1) open the switch,
(2) the switch is damaged,
(3) the short circuit of the switch,
(4) the main board jumper cap is not inserted or inserted,
(5) the machine mainboard is bad,
3, check the 24V, 5V power supply is normal cause:
(1) the ground wire or ground wire is not working as required, and it is easy to damage the switching power supply,
(2) the fixed screw of the power supply touches the metal,
(3) short circuit of machine circuit,
4, the computer motherboard port settings should be changed to EPP causes: Note: 900A and 1200A printer driver is different,
5, whether the line is inserted tightly,
6 、 computer is not compatible with machine,
7 、 the machine main board is damaged,
8 、 stepper motor drive failure,
Five, print out of color
1, adjust the print head and position caused by the reasons: loosen the print head screw adjustment.
2, replace 12V, 24V plug line, check whether the plug line is loose.
3, check print

Photo machine ten brands, piezoelectric photo machine ranking photo machine brand [latest ranking]

In recent years, domestic piezoelectric photo machine was rushing headlong into the situation, show the brand quality is complex, a superb collection of beautiful things, users are uneven in quality, a moment at a loss, deceived no lack of such people. Here on the small to introduce the photo machine ten brands rank for reference.
Ten brands of photo printing machine
What’s the difference between the photo printer and the inkjet printer?
Photo printers and inkjet printers are large inkjet printers. Inkjet printer according to the principle of work can be divided into two types of solid ink jet and liquid inkjet, today’s mainstream inkjet printer for liquid inkjet printer. Liquid inkjet can be divided into bubble type and liquid piezoelectric type. The bubble technique is used to heat the nozzle to make ink bubbles and spray onto the printing medium. Ink changes easily at high temperature, and its properties are unstable
Photo machine ten brands photo machine brand list
EPSON EPSON (EPSON (China) Co., Ltd.)
(400-810-9977010-8522-1199, founded in Nagano, Japan in 1942, is renowned for its excellence in quality and energy saving and environmental protection. It is a well-known enterprise in the field of digital imaging, EPSON (China) Co., Ltd.)
HP HP (China HP Co., Ltd.)
(800-820-2255) founded in 1939 in the United States, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world’s leading computer and office equipment manufacturers, specializing in printers / digital imaging / software / computer and information services large multinational IT company
Roland Roland (logic digital Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
(021-62360909, founded in 1981 in Japan, Roland DG Co., Ltd., the world’s leading provider of inkjet printing machine, its high precision 1440dpi six color wide inkjet printer, high reputation, logical digital Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
MUTOH Wuteng (Beijing Asialink Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)
(010-82896886, founded in 1952, Wuteng Industries Ltd.’s global, large piezoelectric printers leading brand, Beijing Asialink Digital Technology Co. Ltd. agent)
Canon Canon (Canon (China) Co., Ltd.)
(010-85139999, beginning in 1937 in Japan, an integrated group of well-known imaging and information products, a well-known SLR brand for photographers, the world’s top 500, Canon (China) Limited)
MIMAKI (Shanghai Royal animal husbandry Trading Co., Ltd.)
(021-336766561975, founded in Japan, is known for its precision and specialization, and focuses on large scale high-tech enterprises which are developed and manufactured in large format inkjet printing equipment. Shanghai Royal animal husbandry Trading Co., Ltd.)
Sky color Skycolor (Zhengzhou new century digital Polytron Technologies Inc)
(400-0371-2220371-62573601) a comprehensive solution provider for inkjet printing field, specializing in R & D / manufacturing / selling / service of wide printer and related consumables, Zhengzhou new century digital Polytron Technologies Inc
Le Locor (Zhengzhou Le Choi Polytron Technologies Inc)
(400-717-67890371-8659-3932) a company specializing in R & D / design / production / sale of wide range printers; its digital wide printer and related consumables enjoy a great reputation in the industry. Zhengzhou Le color Polytron Technologies Inc
Gongzhneg (Industry Group Co. Ltd)
(0577-673127570577-67319778, founded in 1997, Zhejiang province famous trademark, mainly engaged in advertising equipment such as digital printing series product development / production / sales / high-tech enterprises, Industry Group Co. Ltd)
China wild Zhongye (Liaoning China Science and Technology Industrial Development Co., Ltd.)
(024-89789466, founded in 1998, is a large manufacturer of inkjet printing equipment in China, engaged in the manufacture of digital printers and all advertising materials, and the Liaoning China Hi tech Industrial Development Co., Ltd.)

Photo machine installation notes

1, arrange the related machine frame parts, according to the installation instructions for the frame and the main machine installation, the installation process should pay attention to every parts of the installation in place, fixed the screws, the machine does not appear after the installation of printing portrait machine shaking effect.
2, connect the connection and installation of the ink cartridge, ink, ink tube and nozzle. Especially the installation of sprinkler operation, must according to the installation instructions or installation instructions to install, such as sprinkler fixed, and an ink ink pipe nozzle connection, data line and car control board connection, pay attention to positive and negative head of the data line, the first clear how plug, then one by one corresponding operation, meet with no situation never try, suggestions to the manufacturers customer service staff to ask for a line diagram, so as to avoid the wrong line burning nozzle. After the line connection is completed, multiple checks are made, such as checking the four or five times, etc. without any problems, the power is turned on and the operation and print tests are carried out.
3, after the installation of the cartridge, check the relevant ink supply line is normal, for the cartridge to add ink, ink for the ink box, be careful not to add too full. Open the ink pump, ink operation, ink will be introduced into the nozzle, or manual ink pumping operation, after completion of inspection, flash spray, test related printing, normal, then that the installation is successful.
4, according to the instructions will be photo machine and computer online, installation of related software and drive, if the network is online, according to the instructions on the computer set up the relevant IP address and online testing.

How to install the photo machine for the first time, install the photo confidential, notice what?

I. attention items before installation and preparation before installation:
1, photo machine is a large printer user machine at the time of purchase from the manufacturers need to use shipping and transport to the user’s location, the user in the receiving process, to check the integrity of the packaging machine, avoid the transportation process of photo machine unnecessary damage. For example, Acer India photo machine seal box packed in strong outer packing in the factory, built-in high-quality shockproof packaging material compressive protection, ensure that the machine is not affected by various bumps and vibrations caused by damage to the machine and appearance in the process of transportation bumps scratches etc..
2, in the photo machine before installation after opening the package, check the photo machine related accessories are complete, such as related accessories Acer India random photo machine, related accessories, software CD-ROM, CD-ROM drive Mongolia related vulnerability of small parts, installation kits, wiring and other standard parts list, and the list is to.
3, to choose a good photo machine installation environment, such as the power supply voltage of workplace photo machine is stable, normal working space at room temperature and air temperature, unobstructed, as far as possible to avoid the machine easily placed in the street near the dusty place. In addition, attention should be paid to ready ahead of ground conditions for photo machine, conditional users, suggestions for advance photo machine equipped with good portrait and preparation machine connected computer power regulator the photo machine, these are for the workplace better stability of photo machine voltage, provide excellent working environment for photo machine.

Which brand is good, which brand is good?

In recent years, domestic piezoelectric photo machine was rushing headlong into the situation, show the brand quality is complex, a superb collection of beautiful things, users are uneven in quality, a moment at a loss, deceived no lack of such people. Well, which brand is good for the color photo machine? Which brand is good for a photo machine? Which areas are the most widely distributed? Where produces the portrait machine to be better? What are the brands of such machines as big brands, famous trademarks, provincial famous brands and so on? In order to give the consumers photo machine market to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data support, photo machine ten brands list for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.
Which brand is good, photo machine ten big list?
Photo machine top ten brands list, large format printer – piezoelectric photo machine, photo machine brand list <2017>
Founded in 1942 in Nagano, Japan, its products are renowned for its excellent quality and energy saving and environmental protection. It is a well-known enterprise in the field of digital imaging, EPSON (China) Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1939, the United States, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world’s leading computer and office equipment manufacturers, specializing in printers / digital imaging / software / computer and information services large multinational IT company
3.Roland Roland
Founded in 1981 in Japan, Roland DG Co., Ltd., the world’s leading inkjet photo machine provider, its high precision 1440dpi six color wide inkjet photo machine, high reputation, logical digital Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
4.MUTOH Wu Teng
Founded in 1952, Wuteng Industries Ltd.’s global, large piezoelectric printers leading brand, Beijing Asialink Digital Technology Co. Ltd. agent
5.Canon Canon
Started in 1937 in Japan, the well-known production of image and information products integrated group, photographers familiar with the SLR brand, the world’s top 500, Canon (China) Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1975 in Japan, it is known for its precision and specialization. It is a large high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and manufacturing of large format inkjet printing equipment. Shanghai Royal Animal Husbandry & Trade Co., Ltd.
7. days color Skycolor
A comprehensive solution provider for inkjet printing, specializing in wide range printer and related consumables research and development / manufacture / sale / service, Zhengzhou new century digital Polytron Technologies Inc
8. happy Locor
Set wide printer R & D / design / production / sale of the company, its digital wide printer and related consumables products in the industry renowned, Zhengzhou Le Choi Polytron Technologies Inc
9. works
Founded in 1997, Zhejiang province famous trademark, mainly engaged in the R & D / advertising equipment such as digital printing products production / sales / high-tech enterprises, Industry Group Co. Ltd.
10. middle wild Zhongye
Founded in 1998, the domestic larger manufacturers of inkjet printing equipment, engaged in digital printers and all advertising materials manufacturing enterprises, Liaoning wild science and Technology Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
The list of above data is automatically generated by dozens of data statistics calculation systems, and the sorting is not only in order, but only for your reference. My favorite brand voting

Photo machine operation method, photo machine how to operate correctly

I. image processing:
The use of Adobe Photoshop CS2 (referred to as PS) for image processing, such as: scanning images of the dressing, the size of the picture cutting, color adjustment, special effects, the file format and color mode conversion;
Two. Page design:
The use of Adobe Illustrator CS2 (AI) for posters, leaflets or other promotional page advertisement design graphic design (or multi page book design please use other software), many text contents, corporate logo, vector graphics, illustration design, can be input and hand painting in this software, adjust the picture in Adobe Photoshop CS2 can be in the form of links into AI, combined with other vector graphics and text, complete the design work.
Three. Export of works
After the completion of graphic design work in AI, through the “export” approach will work for other export print software support file format, the color mode, file format and resolution for photo printing if it should be based on the CMYK color mode, TIFF file format, resolution of 72-120DPI, no other options special requirements will take the default.
Four. Software print settings
Use Mongolian and other professional printing and output software before printing output typesetting work, according to the actual use of different materials, in the software related settings.
Five. Photo printing output
1. photo machine ready before starting:
1) check whether the data line of the photo machine is normal with the computer, and whether there is any loose or false connection;
2) check whether the ink in the four ink boxes on the left of the photo machine is enough, and whether the ink needle is well connected;
3) turn on the machine;
4) press the “access ink box” option, the small frame together with four nozzles together left from the ink station, remove each nozzle, check whether there are contacts with ink, if any, please use alcohol and toilet paper gently wipe, to ensure the contact with the cleaning, then use electric ink suction pump (recommended) nozzle nozzle or pumping ink and remove the suction needle at several times, see the ink out of ink, stop, and then check whether the nozzle and the nozzle at the bottom of a chip on the back of the ink, if any please alcohol use toilet paper gently wipe. In order to ensure the nozzle chip cleaning, to prevent even the electrical short circuit burned out related accessories and contact with the nozzle is electrically connected with the ink after due to work. In order to complete the examination of four nozzles, the small frame will be back in position according to the “access ink box” option to complete the inspection of the nozzle.
5) check the stainless steel shaft and a small frame on both sides of copper sleeve is clean and smooth, if it is too dry, stainless steel shaft, please use appropriate such as sewing machine oil to wipe, to ensure that the small frame plus copper sleeve combination in stainless steel shaft walking freely.
The above is routine check before starting, and other methods of machine maintenance and maintenance are brief.

Photo machine

1, print speed. Printing speed is not only important for the photo machine, but also the other printers.
2, print accuracy. This accuracy can also be measured with resolution, high resolution, high accuracy, printed out of the picture more clearly.
3, portrait machine supplies. Supplies include ink and printing paper, not all supplies are used for any photo machine, if you need some kind of photo machine to use supplies, then pay attention to this detail.
4, operating system. You should also take a fancy to this when you buy Photo machines.
5, cost-effective. In the domestic photo machine, many brand is the name of the price war, but not the lower the price the better, should be combined with the performance, cost-effective course is good, but also to combine their own actual situation to choose

The difference between photo printing machine and inkjet printer

1, width: inkjet printer larger format, usually 3.2 meters; photo machine small format, usually 1.52 meters.
2, different working environments: printing machine is mainly used in large-scale outdoor advertising and outdoor wall signs, the printing operation, advantage is strong weatherability, is waterproof and sunshine, placed a long time will not fade in color outdoor. The disadvantage is poor printing quality; photo machine is mainly for indoor stickers, display boards, posters, posters, regulations and other indoor inkjet production, inkjet quality is relatively high.
3, ink: because of the different placement of inkjet products, ink jet printing machine and printing machine is different. Inkjet printer ink is solvent based ink, has a strong pungent odor, waterproof light, long time placed without discoloration. The photo machine uses water ink. No taste, no waterproof, need laminating.
4, output medium: inkjet printer output medium is usually spray cloth above, taxi stick surface, such as PVC material class medium. Photo machine output medium for paper PP adhesive spray etc..
5, resolution: Inkjet because hanging at high resolution does not need to be very high. Photo for indoor, must be relatively high resolution. Very clear

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